De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-11-22 13:14:00 (UTC)

Winter Again???

Thursday 22/11/01

Arghhh... this week has been nothing but rain and
winds .... it has gotten so bad today that certain places
were floodin...and it feels like winter all over again!!

i was freezin in my house doens't help that my room
does not have a heater.. : ( ... i have to wear 2 layers of
clothes plus 2 layers of blankets to sleep....

ultra boring... was prancing about in the house today..cant
do much becos of the rain... watched heaps of drama
serials...then finally dragged myself out of the house to
met YL and SY today..

we went to Ye Jun and had Hainanese Chicken Rice!! great
meal...i wolfed down the large plate of rice quickly...
meals these days are pathetic...i had 4 sandwiches for
lunch... dinner yesterday was good though..the 3 of us
cooked cantonese stir-fry chicken at my place...tasty...

anyway, YL was leavin today for Auckland city to meet her
bf..we sent her off at the bus terminal..where she'll
embark on a 10hrs road trip to auckland... she'll then come
back to wellington to join us for the south island trip 10
days from now...

did some late nite shopping with SY where i bought a pair
of funky shoes : ) .... arghhh...monies really low now..but
control my spendin....

braved the rain to send SY back and then to hokme.. Nai was
also bored stiff..she was also prancing about in the
hallway...chatted with her for a while and exchanged more
culture : )..she's really friendly and cute! hhaha

tomoro's party nite with luke and david...we're goin to
someone's party... and then to bass frontiers.. yeahh...
smashin end to a dreary week...lookin forwarf to that..

also, i've receivec this mail from someone in NUS enquireng
about SEP here...heheh.. time really i'lll be
givin advice to pple comin weird....