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2001-11-22 12:00:57 (UTC)


i chat alot in irc, and lately i kinda tired seeing ppl
there..i'm on hiding atm, different nick, different ident
and stuff. i'm staying away from some ppl.

i can't stand seeing ppl being so stupid. like their world
stopped cos a guy or a girl doesn't love them back.
i want to yell at them to start opening their eyes and wake

there's more to see in this life.

i'm tired with those emotional rollercoaster.
i'm tired seeing ppl who told me they care and love me but
put me on ignore mostly, cos they got bz talking with other

hey, i'm not jealous here. it's not that jealousy thing at

ugh, maybe i should go back to my real life eh..even though
it's not that interesting atm.

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