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2001-11-22 10:16:47 (UTC)



Have you noticed that some ppl around you just seem to
bring your mood down, while there are a few that will try
to give your mood in a push in the right direction? Which
group of people would you rather hang with?

I've noticed that the people you hang around have a
big influence on your attitude and the way you percieve
different aspects of life. If something that you do is
approved by "the group" your considered a cool person. If
not approved it may alter the way they are able to relate
to you as a friend.

For example as a result of hanging around a different
group of people I came home from a trip with a highly
profound and developed a swearing vocabulary.

Sure this may seem like it is a little thing..but what
did my church friends think? They gave me long lecture of
how I use to get on their case for swearing and asked me
why I had changed. I then came to a conclusion that it was
the crowd of ppl I hung around that gave me that little bit
of influence.

Lately I've been hanging around a possitive group of
people. They're always happy and enjoying life. When I go
home I feel energized and ready to tackle life. When I go
back to my usual crowd of friends I notice that they just
seem to bring my mood down just a notch. I wonder why they
seem so negative when infact I realized that they didn't
get negative, I got possitive.

Its the little things in life that happen every day
that affect your perspective and outlook in life. These are
the things that make you the person that you are. These are
the things that affect you internally more then anything.
Thus Internal changes eventually affect your outward

Although you you don't have control of anyone's life,
but your own; realize that your attitude may make a
dramatic impact on someone else's life.