Book of the Purple Faerie
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2001-11-22 07:26:47 (UTC)

Time for Turkey!

Whoo hoo! The week is officially over and it's not even

I'm finally home for Thanksgiving break... mind you, my
campus is extremely jipped out of our break. Lots of other
schools have been out since as early as Monday. All we get
is 4 days and I pity the people who have to drive real far
to get home. They don't even get 24 hours to get back
home... they get 7 at shortest. Jess and Matt cheated and
headed home Tuesday night, meaning I didn't get enough time
to give Matt the cd I burned him. Oh well! I'll get it to
him soon.

It feels good to be back. My family got me Chinese food for
dinner and I visited my grandparents and Aunt Donna and
great-grandparents. I haven't seen the old-timers in a long
time... I really missed them. Mack still seems hesitant to
let me hug him. I wish I knew why he doesn't like to be
kissed. Aunt Donna was really impressed at how much weight
it looks like I've lost. It made me really happy. After
eating I fell asleep on the couch until Mom poked me and
woke me up. She wanted to leave, since Dad and the boys had
gone to basketball practice (do these people ever stop?).

I was really touched by what Heather said to me tonight...
she said that she would always make time for me. It made me
feel really good to know that she considers me such a good
friend, especially since it doesn't happen often from many
people. Michelle gives that to me a lot, because she always
seems indebted to me for spending time with her, even
though I have a total blast. When Ann is around, I don't
exist to Holly whatsoever, and it really hurts, because I
want to be a good friend to her and somehow I can't get
that across. I feel bad for being jealous, but I can't help
it. I guess that some people just outgrow you... and that
makes me worry that it will happen with my other friends
too. But I have to keep thinking positive! I've made some
great friends this year who I have a great time with!
Everything is looking up! I've got the entire world ahead
of me and I'm going to have a good time getting where I'm

But it is 2:30 am and I should really get to bed. Got a lot
of food to eat today! Gotta get my energy up!

Night all and Happy Turkey Day!


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