2001-11-22 07:09:52 (UTC)

A Day in the Life of Me

Ok... well, isn't this nice... Hi, my name is Simon, you
know, Simon says this, Simon says that, trust me, i've
heard it all. I'm 15, I enjoy music , art, blaying my bass guitar, and writing. I am
manic depressive, broderlined scociopath, and i have what
is known as Self Mutilation Syndrome, or S.M.S. What to
say, what to say... I live with my grandmother and her 30
year old boyfriend And, here's the
icing on the cake, I live in the redneck capitol of the
entire fucking world, Texas! Fuckin inbred coyboys galore!
But im not always the happy, chipper guy , I seem to be, no
no my friend, i do indeed have my dark side. I have indeed
thought about suicide, and even attempted it, two, three...
eight times. But as I'm sure you can see, it didn't work
too well. Well, I'm bored of this now, when something
important happens, I'm sure I will let y'all know.