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2001-11-22 07:09:19 (UTC)

Wed, 11/21/01 long, stressful day

Okay, I am not going to write much today. I am soooo tired.
You would be too, if you just got through working 18 hours.
I subbed this morning and afternoon for ESE students. Turns
out it was not just 6th grade, it was 6th, 7th, and 8th. I
had a really enjoyable experience. The children behaved
very well. I was definitely impressed. As soon as I left
school, I came home, changed my clothes, and hauled ass to
my other job. It was really hectic, today was our busiest
day since we have been open. And because they had to cut
back on everyone's hours, there was only supposed to be two
of us there. but it got soooooooooo busy, I mean sooooooo
busy, we had to call as many other employees as we could to
try to get them to come in (but we could only reach one,
and she came in) and we had to get the store manager to
come in and help us out as well (he was supposed to be
taking the day off sick). The store was such a disaster the
MOD and I were not able to leave until about 1:30am (we
close at midnight). I just got home about 20 mins ago and I
am exhausted. tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can't sleep in
at all because today when I got home from school, I found
out we have company coming and they will be staying in my
room, so I have to wake up early and clean. We are having
our Thanksgiving dinner at 2, and then I am of to work
again at 4. I requested to work tomorrow, since I will be
getting time and a half for it being a holiday, and I
really really really need the money. I just hope I don't
get burnt out too much. If I do, oh well, at least I am
getting paid for it. Anyways, I am going to try to catch
some much needed sleep now. Good night.

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