Voices in My Head
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2001-11-22 06:32:59 (UTC)

Where to begin?

where to begin... this is difficult, there are many things
on my mind and going on in my life it it hard to decide
where to start. and since i have no real idea i guess i'll
start with what ever comes to mind...

i give fair warning now to anyone who is reading this, i am
a horrible speller and hate to type capital letters (they
take to long), not to mention my grammar and punctuation
are much worse than my spelling, but i do try. *grin*

i remember once in elementry school being so happy that i
got an A on a spelling test, because they put them up on
the board so everyone could see them. i remember when i got
the test back i finally noticed something that niether the
teacher or the other kids noticed about my paper... all the
words were spelled correctly but at the top of the page in
capital letters were the words selling test instead of
spelling test. i laughed the whole way home... i still have
that paper somewhere... it's part of my fun childhood

i've been in a fairly good mood lately, which is always
nice. i've decided to try once again to keep a journal as
you can see. i stopped writting in my old ones a long time
ago, when i was in high school. i realized after i went
back to read them later that what i had written to anyone
else would seem like a suicidal mess. i only seemed to keep
the journal when i was depressed or upset. i've decided to
try again mainly because there is so much more to me than
those times, and hopefully i'll be able to write about some
of the happer times as well. that's my goal this time, and
it would be nice if i could keep this going. i'm sure there
will be many times that are not happy, but with luck you
can read about me in my happy times as well as my sad...
and with any luck you can read about my strange times as
well... those alone would make a great book someday.

always wanted to be a writer... *grin* i just have one
problem. plot! i can think up amazing characters that would
be perfect for whatever story i'm thinking about lately, i
can just never figure out what to do for the whole story
part. i'll start off okay but i can never seem to have a
begining, middle, and end. sometimes i'll get two out of
three though. of course most times it less than that.

i'm not sure how interesting my life and thoughts are to
anyone else... but your welcome to read them. i hope i'm
not to boring a person.

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