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2001-11-22 06:29:45 (UTC)

my friend came back

yesterday my friend (Nicole) came back from englend
yesterday the 20TH at about 9:30 p.m i was not home i was
with her sister at some play (it was some GAY ass shit) her
teacher couldent sing or tell jokes AHHHH.... anywqayz
Nicole got me a shirt that was 7 punds there here it would
be $5.00 anywayz it's black with a gold flower and a couple
of juiles and it's a hacwe shirt were there is only one
sleave today at school every one was like damn amanda u
look nice, amanda are stuffing, and 4 hot 8th grade sk8ters
asked me out it was hella TIGHT, but tomarrow is thanks
giving and iam going to go see harry poter (the movie) and
then come home and watch the game and then go to my aunts
house i wrote a poem but i don't want to write it right now
but Nicole also got me a thong with an american flag on it
and a gold cross necilce with was 19 pounds here $200
dollers here she got it for me for my birtday but my
birthday is on dec,2 but iam going to selebrate it on the
30th on november at the hillsbro hoop iam just going to
make a bunch of fliers and go up on top on the stair case
and just drop them and who ever wants to come can come who
ever don't then don't but anywayz iam going to be 13 it's
going to be tight hella TIGHT i mean cause iam really
popular soo alot of people are gonna wanna come but i told
then if they want to bring presants then go ahead but u
don't want to and this is how they are going to look.. ok
well enevr mind that but they look really tight and if u
wanna write me some feed back then email me at
[email protected] and then tell me some stuff about u
like a/s/l and stuff but anywayz iam gonna go cause i have
to wake up at 7:00 A.M on a weekend the days i want to stay
in and sleep but noo, but ohh well ya well iam gonna go buh
bye don't forget the feed back at [email protected] ok
well people iam gonna bounce- bizzzzounce,

Love ya alwayz
([email protected])

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