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2001-11-22 06:13:17 (UTC)

My true colors

I miss her so much. I feel empty without her. No matter
what I try to do to feel better, I only have to see her
face to know that I need her - I have loved her for so long
now and I am beginning to fear that I might go through life
without ever getting that back. It keeps me from being
able to get my focus on school - to be fair everything that
I know needs to be fixed does that to me, but I will never
be able to rest and KNOW I'm happy without her. I
sometimes know she feels that way too, but sometimes I feel
like she is growing more distant too. We will always be
friends, I know that, but I miss the comfort of knowing
that she is feeling the same way about me. I miss the
comfort of anyone ever feeling like that toward me I guess -
no one else ever did and meant it in the long run. I
guess that's why my heart fundamentally doesn't change on

*from a letter I wrote to a dear friend today*

Love is conviction that demands loyalty in a lot of ways, but it is
effortless to love when it is real. There may not be a such thing as
one true love in life - but there is definitely that one love that
far exceeds the rest when you are able to have her recipricate...

You can look at relationships in terms of intensity rather than
duration if you like - but true intensity has the endurance of a

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