The Nightshade Princess
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2001-11-22 06:09:09 (UTC)

This day was one of surprise. I..

This day was one of surprise. I awoke this afternoon
at 2:30, to find that my stomach no longer felt the affects
of my stupidity two days ago. I was not hungry, so I
cleaned the kitched and the bathroom, so that perhaps
father would take me somewhere. He told me that he would
be home at 4pm, and he was only an hour late - my first
surprise. He spent the next several hours cleaning his
truck. That was no surprise.
I got out of the shower sometime around 5pm. I was in
my room no more than a few minutes, for I'd only had time
to brush my hair and apply some moisturiser to my face,
when I left my room to retrieve something, though I can't
recall what it was. I reached the end of the hallway, and
suddenly, Heather bounded into the house. That in and of
itself wasn't much of a surprise - Heather is generally
considered an unpredictable person. Well, right behind
her, also entering the house, was a friend I'd not seen in
ages. I was still in my bathrobe, with absolutely no
makeup on, and completely unprepared, not to mention
startled by his presence. This was the second surprise of
the day. I chatted with the two for a moment, then ran
back to my room in order to get dressed.
Some time after they left, I received a call from Al,
of all people. I hadn't heard from him in AGES, aside from
the weekend's festival. That was surprise number three.
We spoke for awhile... he understands how I feel a lot of
the time. He, too has gone through the mood swings and
suicidal thoughts. About half an hour later, a my friend
Robert (Coldblaze), showed up at my front door on a
dirtbike with his uncle. That was surprise four, seeing as
how I had NO earthly clue he had retrieved his dirtbike at
that point in time.
After that, I got a call from Fisher - He and I didn't
speak for so long... I heard from him Friday of last week,
but I figured it was just his monthly or so call to be sure
I was still alive. LesTaT came over and - surprise - I
still hadn't put on any makeup, nor any socks, seeing as
how I despise my feet and usually wear socks constantly.
He had wanted to see me without my paint anyway, and I
figured now was a good time. At first father wasn't going
to let him come over... and then when I called he was STILL
at band practice (the poor soul had 4 hours of it and his
hands were rather sore). He even let LesTaT stay until
10pm, so we rapped ourselves in a blanket with some tea on
the couch.
I wasn't, however, surprised that LesTaT held and
kissed me as much as he always does. He's seen me in the
worst parts of my life, now he has seen me without my
social armour, and I know he loves me for who I am, not the
creature of illusion and painted-over rust that the others
You know that steriotypical picture cartoons and
comedies use of housewives at night? The one where the
woman's face is covered in green stuff, her hair is in a
shower cap, and her robe draped around her shoulders? I
fit that description so well a moment ago I had to laugh.
I have mud masque on my face to improve the skin, an all-
night conditioning treatment on my hair that requires the
use of a shower cap (the only colour I could find was
pink.. eew), and I just took off my warm, dark grey robe.
I need my beauty sleep though, so I must go pretty soon.
I hate the holidays... I swear I must have Seasonal
Affective Disorder... they put me in such terrible moods.
I am an outsider in my family, and therefore am always
bored, lonely, and/or frustrated during every family
gathering. I usually end up in a quiet corner with my
headphones on and a novel in my hands. I also have to
bring my own food if I'm eating anything - practically
everything has meat and/or cheese in it - even the salad
(EWWW!). Mother bought a tofurky and gave me half, so that
should be pretty interesting, seeing as how I've never had
one before.
They are getting me up before noon tomorrow, so I need
to get some sleep, or else despair shall prey easily upon
my tired mind... sleep deprivation does HORRIBLE things to
my mental state. Sometimes I start to hear voices when I
don't get much sleep, and often I get really suicidal.
Don't worry, LesTaT, (if you are reading this), I will be
ok, I just need my rest. Blessed be!