2001-11-22 05:52:17 (UTC)


when i do anything i can't pay all attension on it
i don't know why
when i do something i will start to think about u
i know if i still like u i will get more hurt
but i don't really care now
i know u won't like me back
but at lease we will see each other
after this vocation
i think we can know each other that is a lot of luck for me
i don't want be more greedy to like we can love each other

i don't know
i hope someday u will know
and i learn how to get a girl happy
like every of girl like someone do nice for u
but i don't know befor
maybe i scared u
so that u hate me
and i understand a lot of thing and learn it form u
when i tell i like u and through now
i think a lot of things
befor me kinda stupid
i don't know how to love a person
and make my lovor happy

lovee uuuuuuuuuuuu foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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