2001-11-22 05:52:11 (UTC)

eight more days

I have eight more days till my classes end!! (eight school
days that is) i'm so happy about that. i cant wait for a
change in profs, and courses. But I have so much stuff to
do next week that it's just crazy. I have this big ten page
paper due in a week that I haven't started writing yet. So
I"m pretty screwed. I was pretty stressed about it today,
but I'm getting better now. I missed an optomitrist appt. I
had today which also sucks pretty bad. I made the
appointment at the beginig of september and for some reason
i've had it in my head that it was at two pm. so i showed
up at two pm, the office was closed. the appointment was at
nine thirty. I had no idea. It was really bad. Plus my mom
got all mad at me for it. Like, how does it affect HER in
ANY way?? It doesn't!! She just likes to get mad at me on
behalf of everyone in the world. ARRRRGH.
Nothing's changed as far as the problems i've been having
with my friends really, aside from the fact that the
friends I am still talking to I'm too busy to see cuz of
all these stupid assignments that are all due next week.
Hopefully i have some kind of clear idea of who's my friend
and who isn't by the time i have to buy xmas presents.