Lost Slut
2001-11-22 05:23:09 (UTC)


i have been reading stories about being chuckolded...its
were the person that your in a relationship with..who you
have a bond with..sleeps with another (well no sleeping
really..just fucking)..i know its my mistress's right to
date real who have larger who can
fullfill her..god i wish i was that man..i was talking to
my mistress early'r..while i was talking to her..i had to
go to the bath pee..just out of habit (from being
locked up in the cb2000) i sat down to i was
submitting over the phone to my mistress i was doing what i
was trained to do..pee like a girl..oh my..i think about
her when i'm awake..while i sleep i have dreams of her
using the mornings i have to put this lil finger
pump on my make them bigger..and to respond
quicker..some days i have to wear panties..thongs..on the
days that she lets me cum i have to preform what ever deed
she likes for me to get that breif but very satisifying
releaf....she has taken control of me even during phone
conversations with my mother/brother..they have no dobt
that my mistress is what i need in my "lil boy" life..if
only they knew that she was not just a girlfriend but my
owner to would wigg out.."what are you doing
joining a cult?"..i was thinking today that i have been sub
for as long as i can remember..i just didn't know thats
what it was called..all those times the boys had
fights..and i was able to talk my way out of them..with the
bullies calling me pussy..wimp..and yet i still walked
away..but this is just only one lil corner of my submisive
signs..if only a strong woman would have seen this from the
start imagin were i could be now..instead of starting off
from the begining..the painful begining...later all..please
do write to me if you like the writtings..