My problems.
2001-11-22 05:12:38 (UTC)

Met a new person... Sarah.

Today was actually a really cool day. I started out by the
usual... Getting dressed and going out. We went to
wegmans and I stayed in the car. As my dad left and
went into Wegmans after parking this big truck hit our
new Ford Accord. Son of a bitch. He just backed right
into it and looked me in the eye and freaking drove off. I
attempted to get the license plate but I can't see too
well... lol... So I called my parents and no one would
answer. So then I called Angela.

We talked about this, and we talked about that. Lots of
fun talking. She laughed at me a lot and so I laughed
right back at her. I even talked to her mom which was
kinda cool. Then my family came back to the car and
they started yelling at me for not getting the licenese
plate of the other car. And Angela laughed at me even
more when she heard what was goin on. She also
said she was gonna kick the crap out of my little
brother.. I can't wait.

So then I went to my store and did some work... Made
some nice signs for the games in the store that we are
selling and so forth. Talked to Angela some more on
the phone before she left. Then I called her back and
she said she had to help her mom cook and then
someone said something about going to the movies on
Friday.. I dunno. I asked her later online and she said it
was her mom bein an ass. I dunno whats goin on.
But Angela did something really nice for me today.
Something not anyone would do. She took her time
finding someone for me, she found Sarah, a fan of
mine. Angela I can't thank you enough for what you did.
I really do appreciate it. Thank you.

So I started to talk to Sarah, my fan. She loves what I
write and she thinks I have the best freaking diary in
this whole joint. booya. I liked talking to her because I
guess we are kinda on the same wavelength. She told
me some stuff that i think were really inspiring. You'll
never even know. She told me about her life and what
she feels. She tells me that shes gotten over her bad
boy phase in life and wants to meet a nice guy,
someone who cares about her, someone that will
make her feel hes there for her.

Another thing she told me was really saddening. She
told me about a guy that was abusive.. I'm not sure
how abusive but they went out and even after he was
abusive and broke up she still wanted him. Shes not
sure why and neither am I, but I guess that what love
makes you do.

She also told me something that I never knew.
Something that I would never know because i've never
really been in love. She told me that once you've gone
out with someone for so long, you get this feeling
inside. Something you long for. Something you need,
and even though a person my treat you like crap, you
still care about them because you had that "love" for so
long. But, all it takes is time. Time heals everything.

The one thing I really thought was interesting was when
she said that sooner or later all women realize that they
want someone to care for them. Someone who they
KNOW will be there for them. I guess I gotta find a girl
that realizes that about me.

What else did she say... She says she loved the
TWINC I license plate thing and she liked what i said
about songs. The fact that some songs can explain
exactly what your feelings, and I stand strong to that.

If anyone is reading this I hope you get what I am trying
to say... Don't go through life thinking of all the
depressing things, don't go through life always being
mad at something. ALWAYS think of the positive things,
the things that make you happy, the things that make
you smile, the things that make you laugh. These
things will always bring joy to your life, and thats a fact.
No matter what anyone says, if you think of bad things
your gonna feel like total crap, but if you can remove
these thoughts, and think of the good things in life, the
things you apprecaite then you should feel good 24/7. I
guess what I'm trying to say is be thankful you have
what you got. Be happy you are who you are. Don't try
to be someone your not, and always, always, always
think happy thoughts.