Fazzy's Memoires....
2001-11-22 04:59:30 (UTC)

Thoughts of the day....

Well today was in all an okay day for Marco ! With some
good and bad things happening to him. But he shouldnt blame
Christy for what happened.. He should blame himself. For it
is he who tried to have some fun.

Hands are cold, nose is cols, ears are cold... just came
back from a walk. Winter is here, and damnit i should of
taken out my thermal underwears, tuque and gloves.... But,
as the moon shone in the heaven. I concluded that i must
not take everything so personally.. things happen for
reasons that cannot be explained. This is the faith of
mankind. :)

Christy is still the cutest girl, the sweeetest girl,
the most electrifyng girl, the most beautiful girl on my
Icq list. And i will cherish her friendship for ages to
come hopefully.

So Christy i am sorry once again. I am really happy for
you that you and Kevy are together and hope that it will
last forever !! (( Well not really cause in there i want
some time with you )).. hehe

Gooodnight baby and sweetdreams,

tonight i'll let my dreams play you... :)


Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly,
caught in the web of duty..... "The Last Gunslinger"