.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
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2001-11-22 04:58:47 (UTC)

the places we have come to fear the most

depression has taken over me, on the way home tonight i can
be certain in saying we were all crying, maybe not tears
for all of us, maybe on the inside, i dont even know why
this night was so wrong, it just was, oh alicia, i wish she
could find some clarity, and Jarred some direction,
I feel like im reaching my hand out to jim every day and he
refuses it as he pleases, i can never tell him how much i
want him in my life and want him to care for me like i care
for him, i feel as if all i ever get are cold
disspassionate comments and looks. i wish i could read his
emotions and feelings, i wish he knew how hard this is on
me, how confused i am, how ALL i want is for him to tell me
what he needs and wants from me, all i want is some help, i
cant read minds and i cant tell what hes hurting about but
i cna always tell hes hurting, what changed from this
morning, we were find then, and this evening, i dont know,
i never know with him, im going to cry a little more now,
suprisingly enough there are still tears left, im scared,
im so scared of getting hurt. thought i have felt nothing
but hurt for days. jarred could tell, we could all tell we
were miserable. he asked jim who broke him, i couldnt stop
crying, im so sad for everything. i dont want to wake up
tommrow, i dont want to see family or eat, i just want to
sleep, and forget and not be here. there is too much pain

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