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2001-11-22 04:54:31 (UTC)

Thanksgiving Weekend

Today we got out early from school b/c it is thanksgiving
weekend. today was fun, the pep/SADD clubs hosted a
thanksgiving breakfast for all the teachers and faculty. it
was really fun and we got out of first period too. the day
went pretty well after that, except it seemed to go by very
slowly. in second period we did pretty much nothing, and in
third period we had to do a writing assignment. but today
in fourth period, it was so fun. i was sitting in english
having a blast talking to joseph and ashley(my best
friends) and then my teacher mrs. paff asked me to get the
movie ready for us to watch. well brandy, sharee, yunika
(three bitches in my class) started complaining because it
was taking to long, so i started bitching them out. i told
them off, and of course since they think their shit doesn't
stink they also think that nobody in the school has the
right to bitch them out. but i proved them wrong and it
felt so good. well that was pretty much my day. i have to
go. got any thoughts on this matter, or just wanna chat
email me at [email protected]

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