Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2001-11-22 04:03:02 (UTC)


Hey yes back again. This time to tell you about how my life
got better again tonite cuz well things are really
confusing, but I need to put it all down somewhere.

At the beginning of this school year, I met Kristin Tigue,
well I mean I met her a lot before, but we actually became
friends this year. And it was just like suddenly we had an
awesome bond. I felt instantly that I could tell her
anything and trust her and have a great time with her. We
were best friends for a long time, but then it was just
like one day I came to school and I had been replaced by
Toph. I knew that was coming though because he is her first
boyfriend so she is going to be totally attached to him
until they break up. But then I talked to her about it, and
we started hangin out all the time again. But then, once
again I went to school adn this time I had been replaced
totally. This time by Jenna Pudik. I guess I'm just
jealous, but I didn't realize that a friendship so strong
was so easily replaced by her. But tonite we kinda came
together again but not really.

And then there is Heather. I've known her for a really long
time, but we werent actually friends until last year. I
love that girl. This year I have really realized what a
good friend she is to have and how good she is. We really
started to bond when we both realized that we could come to
each other with our problems and know that we could trust
each other. We have both been hit with some really tough
stuff lately, but we are helping each other make our way
through it. I can seriously say that I probably would be
dead or completely lost without her. I thank God soo much
for sending her to me.

Ahh, next comes Julianne. When I first met her, on the
first day of school, we instantly clicked also. We are both
complete ditzes and always running into things and being
stupid, adn yet we both also feel the same way about guys
which makes us a lot closer. I came a lot closer to her at
ICTC last weekend, and now I feel like I can totally trust
her with everything too.

Rebecca, wo, what can I say...oh my larry smith do I love
that girl. She is seriously the best person I have met this
year so far. We are soooo much alike. She was the one that
invited me to ICTC inthe first place, and I cannot thank
her enough for that. We have such a bond right now, it is
not even funny.

Kara, Kara, ahh the funniest girl on the planet. We became
a lot closer also at ICTC. We always have such a great time
together, making a million inside jokes with each 10
minutes we hang out. She is the one person I can look to to
always help me have a good time and laugh when I need it.

I could write about umm 2 billion more people that effect
my life every day, but I don't have the time or the energy
for that, so I guess you'll just find out about them in my
future entries!

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