2001-11-22 03:52:08 (UTC)

Thanksgiving is all screwed up...

Well its not all that bad but n a way it is first of all
its my first thanksgiving w/o my aunts uncles cuzins
friends dad family second of all my aunt is in the hospital
in tx so i cant see her cuz she had a stroke third off all
i just talked to ashley bott and well lets just say it
wasnt pritty she imed me and shes all like u have the
better end of the deal i was like what? shes like at least
u have a step dad w/ u so u got the better end of the
deal..this might be a good time to add that ashley is my
step-dads daughter who lives with and insane mother
literally she practicly brain washed them to think that
there father is a bad person and he isnt well neways i was
like ohh so i got the good end of tha deal and shes like
yeah so i told her that i missed my dad friends family and
friends my aunt had a stroke and thats a real godd
life...yeah right well neways we got into a fight and now
garrett wont talk to me damn! ok so then i told her that i
would never tell ne1 what was going on in my life again cuz
they just try to make their life seem worse and its crap i
didnt ask her to fell sorry for me she shouldnt have said
that i had the better end of the deal cuz she doesnt have a
clue so i told her how amanda's messed up life is and u
know what i love my mom so much she is trying to make this
a good thanksgiving but when her and steve were talking in
the living room i was gunna go tell her about what had
happend cuz i was soooo pissed off then shes all like do u
mind? and i was like NO i dont mind and ill never mind and
then i ran upstairs and floped on my bed and started crying
and now im here well to all of u who read this thanks and
have a good thanks giving
~i love u mom
ohh yeah kevins hot!!!