Electric monkey
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2001-11-22 03:51:12 (UTC)

11-21-01 [fun at davids]

just got back from davids house. woohoo. we watched the
cardboard video, the new version that is all edited by
davids uncle [?]. hehhe.. yep. then we.. lemme see... tried
to write a song.. while i was playing gameboy Pokemon!!!!!!
yes! i nicknamed my pokemon LULU. she was awesome and she
kicked some major ass. lemme tell ya. heh, or not. either
tomorrow is thanksgiving.. woo... graham is comeine over at
around 11. i think.. something like that, who knows. but
hes feasting at my house. =) with me mum and pop. since i
ate Canadian thanksgiving at his house a while back. heh.
fun fun fun. [till daddy takes the...t-bird away.]
ok, nothing much to say. im just waiting on Graham to get
home from davids. but i probably wont wait, ill just send
him an e-mail.
well, nuff, bye bye you jesus freaks.
PS- you, you and you! fuck you. hahaha. im not random, what
are you talking about. im amused, not psycho.

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