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2001-11-22 02:43:46 (UTC)

Chaotic Turkeys!!

Hello Hello. What a fun and energetic day. Today we had a
pep rally (frosh n sophs 10th per.) and it was so crowded
and me n marisa had these weird girls behind us that kept
booing, and we had keith n his gf in front of us and keith
was making it very hard for marisa to sit. It was an
energetic and HYSTERICAL school day...let me explain....

You see, there is this guy named Jared, and ok...he
intrigues me, I dunno why. So anyways, I finally finally
finally talked to him first period, with the opening
line "Do you speak another language too??" Cuz we were all
harassing Pete to speak Greek cuz we found out he could and
I think thats sexy....hehe. Anyways, after Jared looks at
me like I have 6 heads, and I was about to turn around and
run...I'm like, well hey I'm already this far, why not just
crash n burn totally? So I whats up? And he looks
really happy and he just keeps talking and talking and
talking to me for the rest of the period, like about
everything you can talk about in 15min. So the bell rings n
I'm pretty proud of myself, and he was in my gym period the
next period and during attendence he was across the gym but
I could see him staring at me, I had to keep a straight
face and not laugh. So gym I start asking Rob
B. about Jared, cuz I kno they talk, cuz they used to
supposedly fight in lab bio last year...not a surprise, ROB
FIGHTS WITH EVERYONE. He is like so obsessed with being
Italian100% that he, I dont know, he's easy to argue with.
So I ask Rob what they used to fight about and Rob said
that he called him a dirty jew and jared called him a poor
italian. so im like...."hes jewish???/??" and robs
like "ISNT IT OBVIOUS??" and rob thought u could tell by
looking at him and i guess u can, but i didnt notice. So
then Rob tells me to emphasize his point that Jared comes
from a family of Rabbi's, so by then I am rolling on the
floor almost pissing my pants laughing, cuz thats not
something you hear everyday. He later admitted that it was
just Jared's brother. But anyways, so I start asking about
a million and one questions about the kid, and we go to
chem. next period, and Jared is in that class. So I see him
walk in and go to the back w/ Rob, and I hear Rob telling
him SHANEN(that's me) wants to know if he is orthodox
jewish and wears the strings n stuff, and then rob is
calling my name like 20x to get me to turn around and tell
me the answer w/ Jared next to him, so i pretend I'm busy,
and I'm like OMG Kristen, I can't turn around.....omg, and
I'm trying to contain my laughter. Anyways, we talked at
the end of that period, about their fights last year. I
think he's a cool kid. Rob asked if I liked Jared in lunch
cuz I was asking so many Q's, but I think he was just
joking. After lunch in AP History, Jared kept staring at me
and I had to once again keep a str8 face. So
anyways.......he's a possibility maybe.....I cant see us
going out tho! But I feel.....drawn in by him, cant explain
it, anyone wanna help?

Afterschool I bagged groceries at the Raintree Shopping
Center Super Foodtown in Freehold. Me and Britt were havin
fun teaming up at one register again, and Kristen E. next
to us. Then there was this really cute(in a ricky kinda
way) guy that was working the express lane register, and I
went over there and he was so cute cuz the doors were
broken and he had to wear his little employee cardigan
thing and we were teasin him about it. His name was Barry
and he goes to Manalapan. Don't think I'll ever see him
again. Actually....I wanna see Ricky again, I want to see
if he's the same. But I can't ever imagine kissing him
again. Brad.....I think I'm putting that off cuz that
doesn't seem to be making much progress lately. Actually
alotta progress is being made with Matt K., but I already
don't like him anymore.

Andrew and Marisa are finally going out, but now that it's
finally official, it doesn't really seem like they are.
It's all messed up, everyones screwed up.

Basketball starts Friday morning....8am-11:30am. Same for
Saturday. Tomorrow 10am is the big "Turky Game" it's a home
football game against our rivals Howell, well I live in
Howell so thats weird...haha.....Patriots vs. Rebels. GO

Current Music: "Good Intentions"~Slick Shoes

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