Fazzy's Memoires....
2001-11-22 02:29:15 (UTC)

What happened...........

Meeting was okay today.. i learned alot of which services
i could use to get me back on track to find a job. It's
nice to know that when you need it, theres something out
there to support you till your back on your feeets.

For dinner i cooked some fish filets and fries... was
really good..

But... something happened.... Christy seems different...
I told her what my intentions where earlier tonight... and
she back off... Saying that it just made her want me
more.... and that i had to stop. So that's what i did,
cause i care about her. so i guess by being sweet i just
terminated something that i just recently got to learn and
loved doing with her. Oh well, what can i say... Life goes