Princesse Lizzie
2001-11-22 02:20:08 (UTC)

the new boy

Last friday, Elena, Brenna, and I, purchased a lovely new
ensemble from wet seal! The outfit is a cap sleeve bright
pick shirt(very cute!) and dark stretch jeans. At first I
was very self conscience in my outfit, until the lady at
the store who was hanging up clothing in the dressing room
told me I looked hot...more or less. So on the way home
form Garden State Plaza, Elena and I made plans to get me
ready on wednesday for my date! Who am I dating you may
ask? his name is pete. I have not seen him for 2 years, so
I am a little anxious. It is ok though...because Elena came
over and did my make up. Damn do I look sexy! I bought new
brushes, and new eyeshimmer, just for tonight. Im psyched!
The boy calls around 7:30pm and said he was going to be a
half an hour early, which would make his arrival time
8:30pm. I am rushing Elena to get me ready, while listening
to Britney of course because she is the hottest performer
in the world in Elena's eyes, which ended up being
pointless because at 8:50 he calls and says he wont be here
until 9:30. Now can we say losing bonus points? So I
thought that the time would pass very slowly, but it is
already quarter after 9, and we are listening to Jewel,
very random. The song that I just made Elena listen to gave
her a sick feeling in her stomach....a direct effect of the
pain in her heart...she needs some lovin! Right now I am
harrassing Elena for more thoughts...she got none...oh
bother. We are going to wait by the door....because when a
boy says he is coming, we wait...we hover like hawks at the
window. just like when all the guys call...we wait for the