Hell is where i live

GIrlfriends just piss me off
2001-03-27 22:23:10 (UTC)

Welcome, This is the first..

This is the first time i have wrote one of the
online diary's so if its is crap dont blame me. Lets get a
few things sorted. I cant spell and i dont use grammer much
and when i do it is normanlly wrong.

today was not that bad, the weather was cold and
shitty but apart from that i has been ok. I have been with
m girlfriend for 8 months and 2 days. I love her but we
have your drffirences. This causes problems at time like
when i asked her go to spiders with me. Spiders is a night
club in england. They play rock, punk rock, grung, metal,
hevey metal and loads of other Kool stuf its mainly
alternative. The beer is cheep in there entrence is not to
back and the music rules but it is not her syle of music so
she dose not want to go but i would like it if she went wit
me so she can really see what it is like. We will see what