Do I get my lap dance now?
2001-11-22 01:41:39 (UTC)

Neutralize your brain.

Thanks, Benji.

I see : a camel made out of wax.
I need: a decent drum set.
I find: expired cans of evaporated milk in the cupboard.
I wish: Dave would call me.
I love: my doggie.
I hate: love. Good call, Benji.
I miss: high school.
I fear: the noises in my bedroom.
I feel: dirty.
I hear: a rad guitar lick from "Last Nite"
I smell: my stinky dog.
I crave: sleep.
I search: musical knowledge.
I wonder: if my new sweet potato recipe will be any good.
I regret: being such a punk kid.

When was the last time I ...
Smiled?: when I antiqued my dog.
Laughed?: imeediately following the antiquing.
Cried?: prom night. Still burns.
Danced?: one year ago at the 3EB concert.
Were sarcastic?: yesterday.
Kissed someone?: last night sometime.
Talked to an ex?: about a month ago.
Watched your favorite movie?: they keep showing it on
comedy central.

What was the...
Last book you read?: Bridget Jones' Diary. The movie
really did suck ass.
Last movie you saw?: The Little Mermaid.
Last song you heard?: Sugar Ray - Answer The Phone
Last thing you had to drink?: cocoa
Last time you showered?: this morning, I think.
Last thing you ate?: pie crust dough.

Do you...
Smoke?: sure.
Do drugs?: some of them.
Have sex?: fine, just go ahead and rub it in.
Sleep with stuffed animals?: I sleep with a real animal.
Kinky, huh? Ha ha.
Live in the moment?: no, I'm alseep.
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: one, but I haven't
seen it in a while.
Play an instrument?: a couple of them, poorly.
Remember your first love?: love is for idiots.
Still love him/her?: n/a
Read the newspaper?: I've gotta be drowning in boredom.
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: sure.
Believe in miracles?: nah.
Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?: Nah.
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: most of them.
Consider love a mistake?: consider love a hoax.
Like the taste of alcohol?: not especially.
Have a favorite candy?: snickers.
Believe in astrology?: nope.
Believe in magic?: nope.
Believe in God?: nope.
Pray?: nope.
Go to church?: not willingly.
Have any secrets?: of course.
Have any pets?: Bacho the Dog and Hector The Wonder Cat.
Go to or plan to go to college?: maybe one day when I get
Talk to random IM people?: I try to avoid it.
Wear hats?: no way.
Have any piercings?: three, I think.
Have any tattoos?: nah.
Collect anything?: I don't, but I'd like to collect those
cardboard stand ups of celebrities and keep them in my
livingroom. I just need a living room first.
Have a best friend?: sure.
Wish on stars?: nope.

Benji, I think you're way-rad. Thanks for being you.

Current mood: content.
Current tune: A New Found Glory - Seasons In The Sun
Current advice: Avon is not the way to go for your holiday
shopping this year.