Joselin The Mexican
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2001-11-22 01:39:11 (UTC)


Yes, today. I spent most of the day with Jessica, my sister
in-law, she wanted to do manicures and girl stuff like that
so i helped her and she helped me. Its much more that just
that though, its a bonding time, we used to do it all the
time and she actualy saw me as more than a sister, as a
friend, our relationship has gone down hill from that time,
when we were more dependant on eachother, i would tell her
every thing. So us doing this again may simbolize the
begining of a renewed relationship, i have been feeling it
change for the better for the past few weeks. This makes me
so glad, i feel content. Other time i don't, i get pissed
of because i see how self-centerd they are and how eliteist
and egocentric they can be it bugs the living crap out of
me,... i'll say more later, Sam's comming to pick me up
right now...