a little piece of me
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2001-11-22 01:16:32 (UTC)

another entry

well, things kinda got shitty today. first, my mom told my
dad about brett coming to visit. she promised me she
wouldn't tell him, and she did. that really bothers me. i
know i'm going to get bitched at by him. oh well. the
second thing is this whole jeremy issue. argh. he told my
dad that he wanted to kiss me, and wanted to know if i
would let him. what the fuck is that all about????? thank
god my dad thinks i'm all saintly, so he told him that i
don't do that sort of thing. hehehe. little does he
know...anyway, my mom also told jeremy that i want to get
through college before i do the relationship thing.
hopefully jeremy will leave me alone now. i mean, i don't
want to hurt his feelings, but there is no way in hell
anything would ever happen between us. even if it weren't
for brett. he's just not my type.

i know, two entries in one day. but this stuff is really
bothering me. plus, i haven't got to talk to brett yet
today, and i miss him so much. i'm pathetic, i know.
matthew won't let me stay on here for long, so hopefully he
comes on before i have to go, so i can at least talk to him
for a little while. you know, i don't feel good. i think
lack of sleep is getting to me. and i'm so tired of being
here. i really just want to get back to my house. only a
few more days...

oh, i also got to talk to heather and tabitha on the phone
today. so much fun. heather cracks me up. she's so much
fun to talk to. i just love the way she laughs. she's so
loud! (hi heather...hehehehe). it's great. anyway,

i'm really not feeling too well, so i think i'm going to go
and get some sleep. happy thanksgiving everyone