the essence that is me
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2001-11-22 00:50:12 (UTC)

if i try would you call me at all?

the past couple of day s have been absolutely crazy. oh
well first i found out tom had a gf the whole time and they
just broke up so whatever, i dont really know how i feel
about him now. i know i still like him though. i just see
him a little differently i mean now i guess i know he is
only human. anyways on thursday night i had lots of fun bc
i got to hang out with bloomfield ben!! lots of fun. then
friday i went to heathers party and hung out with greg
until he left then i mainly hung out with beth and
vicki/darren and kuczma and ian and frantzy. people were
being so dumb they were doing the stupidest dares ever like
licking frosting off someones feet(kat; alex) and drinking
a cup of vinegar (mike). the highlight of the night had to
be when dot, emma and i did dances to nsync i want you
back. and when i played candyland with kuczma, frantzy and
ian while the rest of the people played dumb drama games
come on its a party you dont do drama games at parties. on
saturday i went to see antigone with sarah and kuczma and
that was the funnest thing ever. we went to pittsford
wegmans and it was 2 stories high. there was so much
cheese the most ive ever seen in my life. all 3 of us
linked arms and walked across the isle so no one could get
through. then we went to the play and it was so good and
so emo haha. Geoff met us after the play and he loved
kuczmas head and totally ignored me but he loved kuczma.
it was so much fun. then on sunday i went to borders and
got the new thursday cd. on monday i dont really know what
happend but its ok tuesday heather and frantzy and i went
to the mall and had a grand old time. and on friday i am
supposed to go to fantastic records with heather so it will
be the coolest. and today i was talking to this boy named
bryan and hes in the band the last year and i am gonna help
him play up here bc he lives in albany and he is gonna
dedicate all the songs to me and everything. then we are
gonna go to dennys afterward and be rad like that. he was
so grateful and everything. nice boy well i think he is
like 20 something though idk they look older. i love the
lyrics to their songs.

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