All in the Night
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2001-11-21 23:49:53 (UTC)

what i've realized....

I've realized that in life, some things are meant to be,
and some just plain aren't.

I've realized that even best friends fight, but if the
friendship is true, you can't stay mad at each other for

I've relaized that i need to listen more to my head and
less to my heart. Hearts always get broken

I've learned that i dont know EVERYTHING about my friends,
and now that i think about it, i hardly know ANYTHING about
some of them at all....

Ok, that's enough of that. I just felt compelled to write
the things that i've realized after the past 3 days...gee
aren't we all glad that it was a short week b/c my list
could have gone on forever. Anyways, I guess this week's
been pretty good. Amber and i went out today and i found
out some pretty intimate seccrets about her
today...speaking of Amber, I'm really proud of CJ for not
being mean to her. But anyways, we went to the mall and
got checked out bye some really big REDNECKS! AGH!!! I
thought i was gonna die. It was so funny.
I posted something the other day that i look back at
now and realize that i shouldn't have posted. I'm taking
CJ's advice and really really thinking about it...i know
that i'm happy with Chad, but then again i really miss the
affection (he really isnt an affectionate person, i mean
turn me on at least every once in a while, Jessica told me to dump
him lol). And, i've started to realize that the other person can be
a complete ass here lately too....But anyways, i think i might go
exercise b/c i need to drop a few pounds before christmas!!!! I'm

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