My Life.............
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2001-11-21 23:36:42 (UTC)

I sent Jeff an email....

i apologized for being an idiot, i dont think i should
have had to do that, im not the one who was the jerk, but,
i did it...ne way, i asked him if we could start over,
being friends, told him bout my webcam, and he sent back an
email wanting pics, thats all he said.:( so, he came on
aim, asked for dirty pics, and stupid me, sends one.:( then
he said he wanted more today cause he had to go and we make
a time to be on aim together, so, today at that time he was
there and i was here, i sent him more pics, well, he got
the last one and i was talking to him and he wasnt talking
back just left.:( and he seemed so different, like he didnt
want to talk to me.:( I wont start falling for him again.:(
we are just friends, he said something lastnight that led
me to believe that someday there would be more, but, i dont
want that, i want a relationship.:( well, neway, i wont
push him or bother him, if he wants to talk to me he can
send me a message.............. i asked him lastnight if we
are friends again, and he said we always have been friends,
he confuses me so much..:(

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