Finding my Light
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2001-11-21 23:23:33 (UTC)

Four Days Without Him

Hey babes! Sorry I took so-o long writing. For a
month I suddenly got bags of homework! lol Anyways though
here's the update on what has happened since I last wrote
in this...
Well I'm seventeen now. My birthday was on October
13. My best friend, Kyla, and my family took me out to
this place called The Rainforest Cafe. I had fun.
The next weekend Kyla and I saw my buddy Chad. It was
so-o nice seing him again. I hadn't seen him for three
weeks so I enjoyed it a lot. Him and I use to date during
the summer, but our lives were too busy at the moment so we
decided to stop dating and just be friends but still chill
alot together. I still like him a lot and we still talk
quite a bit, but we both know now is not a good time for us.
On October 20 was my high school's Homecoming Dance. I
had lots of fun. At first I didn't have a date because I
was giving everyone rides there, but like ten minutes into
it Joe and I became dates for each other. It was so-o
funny! I could tell he couldn't dance too well like how I
dance so throughout the dance I was kind of leading him and
directing him on what to do without really letting him know
it. I started to like him even more during that dance, but
I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up on that one. I ended up
hooking him up with my friend, Cassie, but they didn't last
long. I still have an attraction to him, but I'm staying
back from him for a while.
Okay now I'm at more of what has happened during the
beginning of this month. During the beginning of November
I began to see my friend Brandon. At first I just thought
he was cute, but that was all. After our first little date
I was shocked on how comfortable I was around him! I
didn't feel like I had to wear one of what I like to
call "hot gurl" outfits. They are usually an ultra low
shirt and tight fitted pants. I felt like I didn't need to
wear that or flirt too much. Like it was all going to be
okay. After that day he started to take me to his BMX
local races. God he looked hot in his uniform! Every time
I see him in his BMX racing clothes I want to jump on him.
Anyway though after two weeks of me going with him to
his BMX races we both decided to become
boyfriend/girlfriend. We've been together for almost three
weeks now on friday the twenty-fourth of November. I care
about him so-o much. He makes me so very happy and makes
me feel like a princess. The only other guy who made me
feel like that Chad. Some people said that they didn't get
why I was going out with Brandon and that I was too good
for him. I just told them that what I look for in a guy is
how he treats adults and if he treats me right and makes me
happy. I don't really care about looks or reputation. I
just want a sweet honest guy. Not a popular guy that has a
big ego like everyone thinks I should be with.
Now though I'm leaving to Lake Havasue for Thanksgiving
with my family. And I'm going to be gone for four days.
I'm going to miss Brandon so-o much.

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