Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
2001-11-21 23:15:36 (UTC)

November 21, 2001: Confused

Wow, today I actually don't have anything to complain
about, which is a bg yet odd change from my previous
enteries. This is more just to talk to myself and hopefully
find an answer to my problems. It's like I have to knida
disease that prevents me from having a boyfriend, cross
that it prevents me from being kissed. Yes, as surprising
as it is I've never been kissed on the lips in my 14 years
on this earth. All of my friends are doing it (God that
sounds like they're doin' drugs doesn't it?) and it's not
like I looked at my first kiss as being something THAT
special. Sure, I think you shouldn't just kiss some
stranger, and maybe I'm a little picky on dating boys, but
it's just that the right guy hasn't asked. Okay, it's like
there are faults in every crush I've every had.

1.) David was really shy and wouldn't even ask me out.

2.) Dan was WAY out of my lege.

3.) Jon was a bit dim, and I don't think he even knew I
liked him.

4.) Ryan was already taken and I have morals so that's a
big nono.

5.) Jason, My friend likes him so even if he likes me
nothing can come of it.

6.) Kyle, well Kyle. *sigh* Kyles hot, he flirts back and
as you can see I still like him so....he's perfection in my
eyes right now.

7.) Aaron, cute, fun, and I think he might like me back,
but I'm his friend and that's probably as far as that goes.

Well, maybe I'll just go up to Aaron and be like, 'Kiss me
you fool!' or.... not. I know I wouldn't do that (grabs
head and slams it against desk* maybe I'm lookin' in this
too deep and I should just go with the flow, instead of
obsess over a stupid thing like kissing.

I'm sorry for taking up your time...wait what am I saying
you're the one reading this, so ////al-mart.


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