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2001-11-21 23:12:36 (UTC)


This is my first post here... hi.

I am a confused, almost 21 year old, white female. I have
never been married. I do not have children. I am plain.
I love to sing. Some people don't like me. That's ok. I
don't like them either. I am short. 5 feet 6 inches
tall. !WOW! I have dark brown hair. Currently it is
highlighted with triple toned blonde streaks. It's a good
look for me. I am very pale. I don't want to have a tan
anyway. Might give me cancer. I have hazel eyes, small
ears, a round face with a normal (meaning normal for my
face) sized nose. I have full lips. Sometimes I am a
pervert but I don't always share those thoughts. I have a
decent build. I know I am not skinny but I am not
overweight. I have a big butt. That's ok. If I ever fall
and land on it I'll be glad I have that little extra
padding. My thighs are big but they hold me up just fine.
I like my legs. People say I have nice feet. I don't
understand that but it's ok. I am not meant to understand
everything. My legs are one of my favorite features. My
eyes are my other favorite. I have small hands and fat
little fingers. I have learned to except that. That
reminds me of a song by Jewel called "Hands". She
sings..."My hands are small I know but they're not yours
they are my own..." I work at the Detroit Carpenters Joint
Apprenticeship Training Committee. It's a school where
they train union carpenters. I am not a carpenter. I am a
secretary. I work in the bookstore also. I enjoy my job.
I used to work for a title company. I liked it there.
Sometimes I miss it. I am an older sister to Jamie. Jamie
is 18. She is going to college right now. She wants to
become a vet. When she becomes a vet she can take care of
our 2 dogs; Lacie, a golden retriever/yellow lab mix, and
Chip, a german shepard/fox terrier. My dogs are cute.
They do not eat when my dad goes out of town. My parents
are still married. They are going on 22 years. We are
a "normal" family. Sometimes I ramble. When I have
thoughts that I can't generally express to the public I
will write them down. You may not like what I have to
say. I don't much care. If you don't like what I write,
stop reading. While I am on that note... I would like to
say that I only hate being a female one week out of every
month. I feel so drained and tired. I am not moody the
week before my "famous Aunt Flo" comes to visit but I am
extremely moody the week she's here. UGH! Anyhow... The
friends I have are very special to me. My best friend
Alyssa is 13 days younger than me. She is one of the few
female friends that I have. I get along well with guys.
They are easier to talk to. There are only a few (very
few) females that I get along with enough to consider them
a friend or talk to. Jessica is my other best friend.
I've known her for 9 years. She's loud, but it's a good
balance since Alyssa is usually so quiet. Nick is my best
guy friend. He means a lot to me. I love him dearly.
Terrence will always be the most special person in the
world to me. He was my other best guy friend. He passed
away June 7, 2001. I am still having an extremely
difficult time with his passing. I know he watches over me
and if I talk to him he listens. If I am quiet enough
sometimes I can hear him answer me in little ways. I feel
him in my heart and there isn't a day that goes by where I
don't think of him. I miss him a lot. I have other
friends. People who are important to me in different
ways. I will write about them later. They are all equally
important to me. I wouldn't be anything without my
friends. Well, I would but.. they make me a better
person. My chubby little fingers are getting tired now. I
am going to go eat dinner and embark on my incredible
journey to Illinois to see my extended family for
Thanksgiving. Yay! Be safe. Make sure you hug someone

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