Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
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2001-11-21 22:27:40 (UTC)

In the name of, "whatever I believe in....."

So this weekend was definetly a good one... well for the
most part. On friday Celeste, Jessi, Jesse and I got hard-
core fucked up..."Shots of vodka, anyone?" so we went to
the bars and Chance showed up at like 1... I went to hang
with him and his buddies and they were all on acid... It
was ok, yet odd, for the most part but whatever, as long as
I was with him. So finally he decided to bring his
buddies back home and then came to chill with me! *sigh*
we watched a Nirvana video and talked, but nothing
happened... we just cuddled until I passed out... when I
woke up, he was fucking GONE! I haven't heard from him
since...*bawls* Now the thing that bothers me most is
that, he told me that he really liked me that night and I
believe him, cuz why otherwise would he put up with me!?
But now comes the questionable part: why hasn't he called
me since!? I just want to be with him... he's too perfect
to pass up! And thinking of him makes me go more and more
crazy! One day, I'll just get annoyed of this bullshit!

so I quit my course and now I've applied to another one...
so I got like 2 months do to shitall! And i could be
spending every minute being with Chance and fucking all the
time! YAY! (goddamn I'M sexually frustrated!) So if he
doesn't call before the weekend, I think I'm giving
up....*sigh* but y'all know I don't want to!