Teenage years
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2001-11-21 20:59:35 (UTC)

Parents?What do they know?

Ok I have to things I dont get.
Ok my mom told me I could tell her everything right well I
bet everyones mom says that but when I tell her sumthin she
gets all pissed it is like whatever. Well today I started
feeling really bad about lieing to her about John. Well I
told her. She still thinks he used to live here but we will
get to that another time. I told her he is 14 but I started
feeling bad so I told her the truth that he is 16. For the
1st time she didnt get pissed. Ok but anyways. Why do they
always say they know what is going on. Well yea they were
are age once but hello, they were our age how long ago.
Everything has changed. It isnt the same anymore they didnt
have to put up with all the crap we do so i really wish
they would stop saying they understand because everyone
should know that they dont. Why do they always say oh you
will get over it in a couple days and it takes like
months. They try to help but I think all they do is make
it worse. Why do they lie so much. they tell you oh never
lie you dont want me to loos e my trust in you. but look
what they do. They turn around and lie. id ont ge it
sumtimes I just wish they would be real.