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2001-11-21 20:02:52 (UTC)

My life and love

Saturday night I got up at 3:30am to watch the meteorshower.
But not exactly alone.Me and joe planned it all.I call him
around 3:45 and we watched it together.He couldnt be there
with me but we would still share it together.He has become
my life.I think of him as I fall asleep and he is on my mind
when i awake the next morning. I know that I love him with
all my heart and all my soul.He completes me in the way no
one else could. Sometimes its like we are the only people in
the world.But the reality of the situation returns and i
must go on hiding him from everyone and protecting him.I
told him last night that i wished that it was easier and he
told me that it might be a good thing that it wasnt easy
because then you might not appreciated it as much when the
troubles are over.I try to tell myself that everyday.But
without him there i have this incrediable hole inside.I cant
wait for the day when i wont have to worry about no one
knowing anymore.My mom found out but doesnt really care.My
father doesnt and id rather him not.Joe plans on talking to him after

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