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2001-11-21 20:01:58 (UTC)

at home at last

ok im at home now and it is really good to be home but it
is also a big pain.......i mean here i have my parents
breathing down my neck when im online which pretty much
scuks but hey you do what you ahve to do right....anyways i
realized that im really overlookign this roommate thign, i
mean why should i feel bad hwen she is a huge slut..? ok
that was pretty harsh im jsut goign to hate to spend the
money i was saving to go to amsterdam on a new computer,
hopefully it will all work out or somtehign im really not
sure and i really dont' care....im borred out of my mind
here but i really miss people form benedicting a couple i
miss terribly but hopefully it iwll all be ok,,,,im goign
to go because again i have dragon breath down my neck