Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
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2001-03-27 20:12:09 (UTC)

I won t have enough time to..

I won't have enough time to write when I get home so I
might as well write with my free time at school in
Jaret got the nerve to ask out Kristy today...she makes me
so mad! After she told me that she liked him and would go
out with him if he asked I decided to go home and tell
Jaret that but guess what...she changed her mind! Go
figure! Now she said that she just wanted to be friends and
wasn't sure if she was going to say yes. If she say's no I
am going to kill!! I put my butt on the line for her!! And
Jaret is a good guy and he is really shy! This is the first
time he asked a giril out in like 5 years!! UGH!! Well g/g--