a little piece of me
2001-11-21 19:55:55 (UTC)

a little of this and a little of that

geez, i am soooo incredibly tired. i talked to brett
monday night, and only got about 3 hours of sleep. i
talked to him last night, too, and got about 4 hours. i'm
running on empty here! lol. i am totally going to take a
nap real soon. i love talking to him so much. he's so
funny, and sweet, and he makes me so happy. have to quit
talking about him for real now (he found out about this
diary thingy and read it! how embarassing...i've said so
much goofy shit about him! ugh!!!!!!). anyway, i can't
wait til he gets here. i just hope he's not bored out of
his mind.

oh, jeremy came over again last night. he keeps calling
me, and i try not to send any signals at all about being
interested. he watched swordfish with me and my brother
last night (i make him stay with me so jeremy doesn't try
anything, lol). then he and my brother played video games
for a bit. i think jeremy is just lonely, so i'm trying to
get him and my brother to be friends so that maybe he'll
leave me alone. i guess when he sees brett he'll get the
hint. i just don't know what to do about this guy. i
don't want to hurt his feelings, but i don't want him to
think i'm interested at all. any suggestions out there?

what else? got some christmas shopping done today. i went
half and half on a leather jacket for my dad. my mom
wanted to get him one, but couldn't afford it by herself.
set me back $100, but i know that's what my mom really
wanted to get him. i'll scrimp and save and cut back on
other things. no biggie. i also ordered my brother a
sword. he has a small collection, and i found a pretty
cool one that wasn't too expensive. i'm also doing that
painting,then i'll probably get him a cd or something. not
much, but i can't afford much. i think i'm going to get my
mom some perfume and the shrek dvd. she loves that movie.
lol. i got my grandma some gift cards to the music store
at the mall. see, my mom and uncles went in together and
bought her a cd player, so i thought i would just let her
go pick out some new cds, since i'm not sure what she would
like. i still have to get jessica something (little girl i
used to babysit), my friend jessie, and then i want to get
heather and tabitha something, but i'm just not sure yet.
i bought brett that book already, but i want to get him
something else, so he can open it when he's here. so i
think that's everyone. i'm almost done shopping already,
which is nice. i love buying things for others. i just
wish i had more money so i could buy them more. sucks
being kinda poor. kinda? who the hell am i kidding? i am
totally poor!! lol. that's alright. well my dad is home
so ihave to go! doh!