What's up now?
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2001-11-21 19:52:31 (UTC)

Almost Time!!!

To my dissappointment I had to stay at school about 5 hours
longer than anticipated...but thats okay I supposse...I was
able to clean my room(it's especially clean this time!), I
hope to go to the SAC and work out one last time before
tomorrow and get really fat...I might surpass 270 and reach
my all time high!! woah...hopefully I can control myself!
and then who knows what I'll do...maybe I'll finish
watching the facts of life reuinion, i fell asleep last
night when we were watching it....hmmm....good times :)
Rachel is leaving me, all alone...what will I do? Alright
kiddies have a great Thanksgiving!!! Love you all :)