Janus Wolf

The Book of Janus
2001-11-21 19:47:11 (UTC)

Chapter two - The Elements

The ELEMENTS are the most important lessons a slave must
learn. There are four, each one of them deriving from the

First element is SURENDER. A slave gives herself freely to
the will of the master, weather allowing him to restrain
her, trough restraints or her own will-power. A master,
demandig surender from his slave must, in return, keep her
absolutely safe during the playtime.

Second element is HUMILIATION. It is clear, that there can
be no humiliation without surender, at least not of erotic
kind. When a master demands humiliation from the slave, he
must make sure that he will respect her for what she is

Then there is the third element, PAIN. There can be no
truely erotic pain without surender and humiliation, that
much is clear. When a master demands that his slave
recieves pain, he must in return make sure that it will be
a pain that brings pleasure.

Finaly, there is the fourth element, REVELATION. A slave
keeps nothing from the master, but in return, the master
treats whatever he finds out kindly and responsably. There
can be no revelation without surender, for it is the
ultimate surender, it can also be humiliating and painful,
thus completing the quart of elements.

Thus ends the chapter of the ELEMENTS