Janus Wolf

The Book of Janus
2001-11-21 19:35:18 (UTC)

Chapter one - The Levels

The purpuse of the School of Janus is fun, fun trough the
learning and training. Like every school it needs a goal.
The goal of this School therefor is advancement trough the
LEVELS of submission. A slave advancet trough TESTS,
mainly testing her in ELEMENTS. Both tests and elements
will be explained later, now let me explain something
about the four LEVELS of the School of Janus.

First level is PUPIL. A pupil reaches this level when she
proves to the world and especially herself that BDSM is
what is exciting for her. Her task from then on is to

Second level is a SUB. A sub is reached when all the
basics of the School are known, and from then on, true
experience can be reached. A sub can still be without a
Master, training with other doms, but before she advances
to the next lever, she must give herself to a Master.

Third level is a SLAVE. After entering a relationship, a
slave passes tests to show she is capable of true
devotion, Further advancement can be made by the serving

The fourth and final level is AMORETTE, a level
unreachable by most, but if a slave reaches it, she must
be honored for her submission and her skill, and could
serve as a teacher for all lower subs.

Note that each level should be marked, by a special mark,
so a Pupil wears no mark at all, a sub can wear a collar,
but with no sigil, a slave can wear a sigil, and an expert
slave should get a special, ornated collar if possible.

Thus ends the chapter of the LEVELS

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