Allo, Let mE be Just ANother Dull ROar
2001-11-21 19:17:10 (UTC)

Apex of Weird

I am at an all time weird right now. I have become almost
completely nocturnal. I cant go to sleep before 4 (maybe
cause im tinkerin with this time sucking thing at night)
and i dont wake up till 1-2. I only eat two meals a day
now, and i havent felt really hungry yet. My house clothes
have been really interesting, when i am not wasting away in
boxershorts and a t-shirt, i am wearing weird shit like odd
hats, for no reason at all, like right now im wearin a snow
hat, inside mind you where it is not cold at all. I think,
except for the whole drionking part, i am turning into a
whino, or crazy person. I sing all the time now, sometimes
really loud, its fun but i look crazy cause i am by myself,
i dance All the time, im talkin all the time, i think thats
how i can stay someqwhat skinny while not getting out as
much lately. I hope there are never burglers scouting out
houses or anything cause i think they would be really
entertained. I am going to elaborate more on my oddness
later, i just wanted to put that out there.

thought-"i just saw that i wrote somewhat as someqwhat and
im going to keep it cause i like the sound of that. Its
like say comquat, its fun, it breaks the monotany of boring
words to your mouth. So i intend on continuing to say this
word, please join in to spread the "word"."

We arent partng right know, do think of it that was cause
im too lazy to pick up all the little pieces