Screaming Cathedrals
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2001-11-21 18:31:11 (UTC)

Gah.. it's been awhile

I haven't updated for awhile.. so I figured that I better.
There's not a whole lot going on here.. just the usual.
Been hanging out at Eugene's house with Jon lots. He's
going out of town on Thanksgiving.. for a few days.. and
he's leaving the house to Jon and I again... that's so
neat. :)
Last night Jon and I went out to dinner with Eric and
Carla.. they're some really cool kids that we met at the
store.. and Carla went to East Burke, it turns out.. she
was the same year, I think, as me... but I don't think I
knew her when I went there..
We went out to dinner and played pool last night. I think
the Japanese food made me sick because I was sick this
morning. BLAH!
But.. I'm okay now.
Jon's playing GTA3... I love that game.. there's nothing
like carnage and random man slaughter first thing in the
morning.. that is, of course.. after the wake up sex..
hahaha.. Not that any of you wanted to hear that.. :p
Chris has been Missing in Action from IHOP lately.. he
needs to drag his crippled ass out and say hey sometime.
It seems as if the drama in Hickory has died down for now..
and for that I'm grateful.
Maybe this will be the end of it. I hope so. And for any
of you reading this out there that know what I'm talking
about.. thank you for letting this go.
I can't wait to get another car.
My piece of shit has decided that it doesn't want to go
into reverse anymore.. haha.. so.. erm.. yah.. it's
officially the ghetto mobile. Jon has to get out and push
it backwards when I end up having to park in a space that I
can't pull strait through in. It's really funny sometimes.
Ryan and Steph finally got together.. YAY...
I hope everything works out well for them.
The 19th was Ryan's b-day.. and I made him a blueberry
cake.. hehe.. it was neato.. I added food coloring to make
it blue.. I know it sounds odd.. but it really was pretty
Hmmmmmmmmm.. that's about it for now.

Looking forward to mom's cheesecake on thanksgiving...


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