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Shitty Life Of A Teen
2001-11-21 18:15:22 (UTC)

fucked up life

man i cant believe this, mom and dad are fighting to much,
everyday i wake up to them fighting and then every night
all i hear is them fighting. they wont let me leave the
house and none of my friends wont come over. and then my
mom and dad are talking about spliting up.

christina gose in monday to see what she is haveing, i
want her to have a boy, everyone else wants her to have a
girl, she already has two girls why dose she need another

dad went to idaho and left me and star home all night long
by our selfs, only if there was any fun partying around
here we wouldnt of been home. and we dont know anyone here
to start a party, this fucking twon is to SMALL!!!!! im
going back to grants pass. i am, ihate it here no partying
and nothing.

so this week and well every other day in my life has been
shit. i just hope that i will get up the guts and kill
myself, or just go crazy, im already half way there why
stop now?!?!? alright so i have to go cause i need toget up
off my lazy ass and get dressed. bye

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