Youth In Revolt
2001-03-27 19:08:03 (UTC)

It has been awhile since I have..

It has been awhile since I have written here. So much has
happened. EBA has done it again. I saw her do it to other
people, but I never thought that she would try to mess
around with my life. She is evil. Everyone can see it.
First she told all these lies about me to all of my
friends. They told her that they knew she was a lier, and
that they disliked her from the start. When that didn't
work, she told others that I was sending threats to her. I
cleared that one up with Ken and Nick very quickly, and
they spread it around that it was a lie. Then she sent 2 of
her friends into my work, staged a fake scene with her
friends and told my boss to fire me. I just told my
boss "Look at the good responces that I got before the
complaint." SO I think I am okay. She tried to break up my
relationship with Deacon, not that it was really going very
well anyways. His ex-girlfriend came back pregnant by
another man, and he cares more for her happiness then me. I
don't care about that I just get angry that she is calling
me up, and telling me that she was going to break up Deacon
and I. I get so angry at her. I have been getting more and
more wanting to commit suicide, Deacon and I are both edgy
we haven't had a conversation in a week. All we do is
fight. Then there is Chris. I am not really sure about him.
He smiles at me, and he laughs with me, and he seems to
really understand me. He makes Deacon very angry. Deacon
will not tell me why though. Today Chris was pelting the
volleyball at my head. He is really funny. I am wondering
what is behind Deacons anger. If anyone knows, please tell