A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-11-21 17:44:49 (UTC)

Awful Week....


My week has sucked so bad..something went wrong everyday.
Lets see...
~Sunday..Got yelled at because I couldnt get my bedroom
cleaned up quick enough for my parents
~Monday..One of my best friend's and I got in this huge
fight (btw we are still not talking)
~Tueday..Lots of stuff went wrong..My best friend And I
are still fighting..One of my other best friend's called
last night..and has had an AWFUL night about this guy and
her "friend" and everybody seems mad at us..My parents told
me that they are NOT going to get me a laptop for
christmas..see herez the story..I said I wanted a Cell
phone 4 Christmas and they said ok..we'll get you 1. Then
they changed their mind and said no u dont need 1. So there
goes the cell phone. Then I'm like Ok I want a Laptop and
they're like Ok..but that's all you're going to get because
its really expensive. So I said ok. And Last night they
tell me that they will NOT get me a laptop for
christmas..and Now After I DONT WANT A Freakin Cell phone
nemore they say they will get me 1. Ugh..And THen..somehow
my parents found out about my friend & I fighting and my
mom comes in my room while I'm ON the phone and starts
blaming the fight on ME..when she didnt even know the
story. So I told her the story and She's like..."Well Your
problem is that you cant handle having more than 1
friend.." or some stupid crap like that..and then she made
me feel so bad because she goes "Well when you end up with
no friends dont come crying 2 me"..she doesnt even believe
*ME* (her DAUGHTER) about this whole stupid fight and Its
just making me sooooooo mad~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Life really does suck~


..And P.S...Dont ever Rent The Exorcist..I did last night
and I hated it..It had some BAD stuff in it and it was
corny as all get out..

Have a nice day..I know I wont~