little mind farts...
2001-11-21 17:15:53 (UTC)


this asshole in my school is getting on my last nerves.
he continues to try to tell me what i feel. once i disagree
with him, he wants to call me a hypocrite. i'm sorry but
the last thing that i am is a hypcrite! just because his
life is fucked up right now he shouldn't take his shit out
on me! i have tried to be his friend but his petty
agruementative crap isn't hitting it! i won't subject my
self to his bullshit anymore. he doesn't know me anymore if
he thinks that i am going to sit here and let him try to
mind fuck me like he does the other timid females in this
school. not this girl.
you know what though? is he going to stop me from living
my personal life? nope...this is stupid higschool drama and
i am done with it! i have one year left and i swear i am
not going to let this asshole get to me like he's doing
right now. it's over...i am going to think no more of it.
his misery would love my company and i am not going to give
him the satisfaction. my switch goes on...he barely exists

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