Zone of Misfortune
2001-11-21 15:59:22 (UTC)


Let's see...random thoughts just flying throught the
concaves of my mind, although concaves is probably the
worst word to use since it makes no sense...WHAT AM I TO DO

Watched quills, i mean UGLY NAKEd PSYCHOTIC man, last
night. quite enthrawling, although much watching was
replaced with much yawning, it was way too hard to pay
attention to the movie or pat,ben,lauren, or mettley...

Sulk...what a gay word...

so, i'm beginning to wonder about my hair thing...i think i
have it figured out like a jimmy cap, cause the simple
truth is, my parents, lords of the mundane, believe me to
be that, they at all likelyhood, are telling each
other, as long as we don;t tell him to cut it, he'll go cut
him himself, and telling him to cut it would prolong the
non-cutting period. YET...that's not going to happen,
i'll cut the hair when i graduate...but i think we both
know it'll never come to that

now, to the reason this is called rammstein...a dedicated
industrial goth band of late twenty yearolds who dress and
act like cyborg pyros on a mixture of crack and rat poison,
in short, my godamn idols...well...the guitar players,
keyboardist, singer and drummer..., anyway...the reason is
simple and really really stupid...ever since my fucking car
suicide/accident which equals extremely embarrasing, in
fact i should have done my tavella speach on that, anyway,
ever since then, i never listend to their music and just
downloaded all this rare stuff and rediscovered their dark,
industrial dobs of music. and that is why...

now, i seem content to leave, haveing left an actual entry
that kinda reflects me, the others have been extremely
slow, short, and CRAP...but, alas. patrick has IMed
me...and i think we all know what that means.

sloppy sloppy hardcore banal with pat clark via IM