2001-11-21 15:46:34 (UTC)

Sucks to be me...

Well, I got out of working yesterday. I went in and my
dad's waitress, Jennifer, which is also my best friend,
asked me if I would babysit so that her husband could come
in and play in the golf tournament. So...I got to sit on
my butt and watch t.v. and eat.
I can't beleive Christmas is right around the corner. I
only have $12 and my dad owes me $70 soon to be $90. I
have to buy gifts for like 5 people, but I have no clue
what to buy like 3 of them. I never know if I should buy
something for my dad because if I don't he complains that I
didn't get him something and when I do, he says he doesn't
like it. So I am just not going to buy him anything and
say I didn't have any money. I couldn't be any easier to
buy for this year. Anything that is SUPERMAN will win me
over. Well, got to go. bye

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